GN Cook LE VS AA cricket bat review

6th Nov 2013

GN Cook LE VS AA cricket bat review

Gray Nicolls Cook LE cricket bat VS Affinity Ayrtek Edition cricket bat review

Taking a look at these two bats today. Both of which are similiar in profile and purpose. The first we have is the Gray Nicolls Oblivion Cook LE cricket bat and the second being the Affinity Ayrtek Edition cricket bat

After speaking with the guys over at Affinity and at Ayrtek, I've learned that they came together because Ayrtek sponsors a lot of professional players. So what they did was consult with the professional players, and found that the majority of them were opening batsmen or in the top 3, and they came up with something that would suit their needs. Since they are opening batsmen, they were taking a lot of defensive shots and were getting hit up at the splice often. So, what Affinity did was make a bat with strong edges, particularily higher up. They double pressed the edges, did some extra boning, and also made it just a little bit thicker at the top. The Affinity bat has very little concaving, a slightly higher sweetspot as opposed to the traditional english type of bat, and a beautiful ping. Really a top quality bat.

Moving on to the Gray Nicolls Oblivion Cook LE bat. This cricket bat has a much higher sweetspot, just like the affinity ayrtek. The bat bodes thick edges, great balance,and a super light pick up, but is much more special than the average Oblivion on the shelf. It is also great for the opening batsmen.