GM Zona F2 DXM cricket bat.

Posted by jason mellet on 28th May 2014

GM Zona F2 DXM cricket bat.

The GM Zona F2 DXM cricket bat is the best of the best. If you are playing cricket at a high level and cannot compromise on the quality of your bat, then the GM Zona F2 DXM is for you.

This is Shane Watson's favored bat in ODI's and T20'S and here are the reasons:

The balance of the GM Zona F2 DXM cricket bat is absolutely impeccable. It does not feel toe heavy and neither does it feel top heavy. Despite the weight being brilliantly distributed, the GM Zona F2 DXM has massive edges around the "drive zone". The "drive zone" is essentially an extended sweet spot and the GM Zona F2 DXM has a sweet spot that spans the majority of the bat.

The GM Zona F2 DXM cricket bat has a flatter face profile, this is in contrast to some of the concave shaped bats on the market. This more traditional look to the bat, not only makes it aesthetically gorgeous, but is to the preference of most international players.

The shoulders and toe of this glorious bat have been reduced. This not only improves the bat's performance but decreases the chance of toe or shoulder cracking or feathering. The toe is also protected by GM's revolutionary ToeTek technology. ToeTek technology means that if the bat is handled with proper care it has an increased playing life.

GM have researched DXM technology over 5 years and only put the DXM stamp on bats that meet the high DXM standards. It is a research standard that has proved that batsmen prefer a higher hitting area. GM has produced in this regard as the Zona F2 has a higher hitting area with a more concentrated sweet spot.

There is no bat maker on the market that has as much quality and technology behind every bat they make, like GM. The GM Zona F2 DXM cricket bat is yet another pearl to come out of GM's Nottingham factory. If you fancy yourself to be a good cricketer or you like to own the best cricket equipment on the market, then the Zona F2 DXM is for you.

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