GM Sigma 2015 Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 13th Oct 2014

GM Sigma 2015 Cricket Bat

There is barely a more funky looking cricket bat on the cricket scene this season than the GM Sigma. Don't let its funkiness fool you. Because the GM Sigma is where funkiness meets functionality and performance.

GM Sigma 2015 Cricket Bat

This bat has some absolutely great specifications to go along with some of its very eye catching design. For starters all GM Sigma bats are produced using GM DXM Technology. The GM DXM stamp of approval means that years of research have gone into developing a product that is absolutely perfect for batting. It is cricket batting perfection.

The Sigma has Computer Aided Drawing which has devised specific weight distribution zones. This is more than just lingo. These specific weight distribution zones means the following for the batsman.

1. The batsman is likely to have a more balanced pick-up of his cricket bat at the crease. Batsmen will tell you that a balanced pick up is essential to having good timing. Timing is obviously the difference between scoring big runs and getting out cheaply.

2. The bat has an extended sweet spot. An extended sweet spot speaks for itself. A greater hitting surface area means more power in the shot which means more runs.

3. The bat has the smoothest power. Smooth power means that the bat feels powerful in all areas. This means no grey power areas almost perfect power.

To top it all off, the Sigma has a CNC milled GM Logo for that absolute wow factor at the crease.