GM Paragon cricket bat 2016

Posted by jason mellet on 28th Sep 2015

GM Paragon cricket bat 2016

You will be familiar with some of the names on the list of GM's 2016 cricket bat list and then there will be some brand new ones. One of the newest cricket bats on the list is the GM PARAGON F4.5.

GM Paragon cricket bat 2016

One of the things that GM has focused on in particular is the swing weight. Swing weight is the bat speed that is able to be generated so that it can be at the maximum when the face of the bat actually meets the ball. GM have engineered it so that there is a maximum amount of swing power and hence power through the ball. This has become particularly important as limited overs, T20's mainly have become the staple of cricket that is played.

Of course you need a great blade to enhance the engineered swing weight and the GM PARAGON is pristine. Many players will notice that it has a high swell position. This will be of particular importance to players who play on bouncier pitches and players that have a very strong back foot game.

The bat has an extensive swell profile with a swell running from the shoulders to the toe. There is no detail left un-turned as with all of the latest bats from GM, these bats are made with computer aided drawing and computer aided manufacturing.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks in buying a GM, is the fact that their willow grading is so generous to the customer. This means that the customer always gets a piece of willow that is well priced and worth its price tag. The same obviously runs true with the GM PARAGON, which will make buyers very happy.

Limited Overs specialists in the USA and all across the globe should be looking into the GM PARAGON.

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