GM Mana Cricket bat 2016 Review.

Posted by jason mellet on 17th Sep 2015

GM Mana Cricket bat 2016 Review.

GM have released their new range for 2016 and some of their bats are beautiful to look at and will certainly be great to use. The first striking cricket bat from the GM stable is the GM MANA F4.5 cricket bat. Like manna from heaven, this bat is a cricket players delight. It contains all the features of previous F4.5 quality cricket bats from GM, with minor tweaks and improvements.

The first thing that will strike you with the GM MANA ( meaning supernatural power in Mauri )is the fact that it has a shortened blade design. Sounds like semantics, but a shorter blade design means a more dynamic sweetspot. A more dynamic sweet spot means that you get more power in your shots.

In this image ( thx to Vitas cricket ) you can see the shorter blade on the Mana Cricket Bat

The other tune up made by GM with the GM MANA is the flatter toe design. A flatter toe has multiple advantages. Less dead spots towards the toe of the bat is the main one with also a great weight distribution from shoulder to toe.

GM is the best when it comes to willow integrity. That means that their grading system really lets you buy the best bat for your money and lets you know exactly what you are getting. The GM MANA is the exact same, so whether you buy a GM MANA original or 505, you will know that this is the absolute best value for your money.

GM cricket bat designers and manufacturers are at the cutting edge of cricket bat making technology. GM MANA cricket bats are made using computer aided drawing and computer aided manufacturing, this means that you get scientific computer perfection in every blade.

The F4.5 contoured edges are a really popular feature among players of all skill levels. From professional all the way down to beginners, players enjoy the power and durability of GM F4.5 cricket bat and the GM MANA is sure to be no different.

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