GM Icon Geo 2015 Cricket Helmet Review.

Posted by jason mellet on 31st Mar 2015

GM Icon Geo 2015 Cricket Helmet Review.

There is no cricket piece of equipment that has been as talked about as the cricket helmet since the tragic death of Phil Hughes. The Vision Series helmet made by Masuri has become the helmet of choice for many of the top professionals. Players like Faf Du Plessis and Hashim Amla have become some of the latest stars to see the benefit of the Vision Series.

Another great helmet out there on the market at a quarter of the price of the Masuri at $60 is the GM Icon GEO Cricket Helmet. This is the helmet that in the Cricket World Cup that was used by Quinton De Kock and Shane Watson.

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The GM Icon GEO Cricket Helmet is made with great components and can rival many of the top helmets. The style of the helmet is traditional, there is minimal fuss to the lid design with focus on the safety. It is a lightweight and technically it is one of the most advanced helmets on the market.

It conforms to the BSI standards. The monocoque composite of the lid has a very unique and well tested impact absorption ability. The grille of this helmet is possibly its most striking and most protective feature. It is a composite of highly protective GEO steel.

The dial adjuster band is also a cool feature of the helmet. The dial adjuster band makes it super simple for the batsman to make his helmet the correct size and it also helps with removal of the helmet mid innings. The dial adjuster band is a unique feature and is perhaps a trick missed by Masuri and Albion.

The peak of the lid is robust and the placement of the grille is superb. The way GM have done it, they have greatly diminished the possibility of a ball sneaking between the grille and the peak.

The GM Icon Geo Cricket Helmet is an all-round superb cricket helmet

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