Posted by jason mellet on 24th Nov 2014


The thoughts and prayers of the entire cricketing world this morning are with Australian left-handed batsman Phil Hughes. Hughes is in a critical condition in a Sydney hospital having suffered a blow to the head from a Sean Abbot bouncer during a Sheffield Shield match on Tuesday.

While many were wondering how the blow could have done such damage, considering the fact that Hughes was wearing a Masuri cricket helmet. However, video footage reveals that the ball in fact missed the helmet and hit Hughes below the helmet line as he went to hook the ball. The blow was in a similar are to where Shivnarine Chanderpaul was hit when he was knocked unconscious by a Brett Lee bouncer.

This incident will not bring to the fore the question of quality concerning the helmet itself but it certainly will beg the question of cricket helmet manufacturers, if helmets perhaps have to fit lower on the head to protect the lower part of the head. The BSI has introduced new standards to ensure the quality of the cricket helmets but this will not only test the composition of the helmet but perhaps test the actual design. Perhaps there is a need for a more encompassing helmet.

This Phil Hughes incident definitely sheds light on the dangers that are involved with playing cricket and the absolute necessity to purchase the highest quality protective cricket gear available. It is preferable to skimp on the price of a cricket bat than to skimp on the price of something that protects your life, like the cricketing helmet or your cricket gloves.

More than anything else it has put cricket into perspective that here is a guy that was fighting for a place in the Australian Test team and now he is fighting for his life. Phil Hughes always had that bounce back ability, to come up with the goods when he needed it, we hope that Phil pulls through and makes a complete and speedy recovery.

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