Funny Cricket Bat Uses

Posted by jason mellet on 28th Aug 2015

Funny Cricket Bat Uses

For many people in the USA a cricket bat could be quite a strange thing, it looks like a piece of sporting equipment but seems huge. Almost like a sporting weapon.

Besides for playing cricket, what else can a cricket bat be used for?

1. Baseball practice

This one is obvious. Coaches who know how to use a cricket bat are very effective at giving fielding practice for baseball. Just ask Mike Young the baseball/cricket coach supreme who has found many cross overs between baseball and cricket. As much as cricket bats can be used for baseball training, cricketers can and do use baseball mitts and techniques to enhance their own training. A baseball will however cause damage to a cricket bat, so be prepared or be willing to splurge.

2. A bench

Jim Tory Furniture realized the bench making potential in cricket bats.

Funny Cricket Bat Uses

Which cricket fan would not want to have a seat on this absolute cracker of a cricket bat bench?

3. Determining the Toss

If you have ever played garden cricket, you will easily identify with this one. Coins are not readily available in the garden but cricket bats are. Therefore most garden cricket matches will determine who bats or bowls by spinning the cricket bat. The caller will be able to call roughs or smooths to see if the bat would land on its face or on its back. Not always that fair, particularly with scoop like cricket bats but spinning the cricket bat for the toss is definitely written in the folk lore of garden cricket.

4. Cricket Bat Guitar

Your cricket bat can be made into a superb guitar. You don't have to have a cricket bat this size but it probably helps. Cricketer rockers like AB De Villiers would definitely love to rock on a cricket bat like this.

Funny Cricket Bat Uses