Feature Of GM Mana Cricket Bat For 2018

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 20th Feb 2018

Feature Of GM Mana Cricket Bat For 2018

GM Mana Cricket Bat 2018

Here is everything you want to know about the GM cricket bats for 2018.  The GM Mana has proved itself to be a wildly popular cricket bat over the years that GM has been making them.

The GM Mana Willow

There are variations of willow that are used to make various GM Mana cricket bats. These are all premium level, English Willow, unless specifically stated otherwise. There is, of course, the opportunity to purchase a GM Mana Limited Edition cricket bat or other GM Mana cricket bats that use G1 English Willow, in which case you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute crème de la crème of English Willow in your cricket bat.

Sweet Spot

The GM Mana is a slightly shorter blade than the GM Chrome. By shortening the blade of the cricket bat, GM has been able to pull off a dynamic sweet spot. It is hard to grade it in terms of mid or mid to high because of the size of the blade but it is truly dynamic. The cricket ball pings off all parts of the GM Mana cricket bat.

GM Mana Cricket Bat Face

For the GM Mana Cricket Bats, GM has once again stuck with the face design that has been most popular because of the high quality of performance that it produces and that is the F4.5 face profile. It profiles that GM has engineered with the F4.5 contoured edges and provides superb amounts of power throughout the cricket bat.


A striking feature of the GM Mana cricket bat is the bulk on the edges in the drive zone of the bat. This, of course, means that there is an enormous amount of power, exactly where the batsman wants it.

GM Mana Summary

If you are a power hitter looking for a dynamic cricket bat that comes with the quality track record that GM cricket products provide then you would be well advised to give serious consideration to the GM Mana Cricket Bat.