DSC Intense Cricket Bat 2022 And Warner IPL Players Bat - Exclusive Launch Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 8th Aug 2022

DSC Intense Cricket Bat 2022 And Warner IPL Players Bat - Exclusive Launch Review

In this video, Amar Shah reviewed the exclusive launch of the DSC Intense cricket bat lineup available at “The Online Cricket Store.” You shall have seen David Warner playing with a new Dehli-themed Red and Blue stickered designer bats in IPL. This lineup is hand-picked graded bats and Pro and Premium Bull31 series bats. Amar found these bats a bit on the heavier side, and if you can handle this weight around 2lb and 10oz, these will hit those big sixes.

Key Elements

Semi-Oval Grip handle

Tapered Thick Toe Profile

Lower-mid sweet spot

65-67mm Spine height

107-108mm width

Edge Thickness; approx. 38mm to 40mm

Full gauge

DSC Intense Cricket Bat Point Range

These are the English willow cricket bats with a very consistent and low profile. Amar compares its low profile to SS GG Smacker if you are familiar with it. These bats weigh around 2lb and 10-11oz, So you will feel some weight to them as these bats are designed for power hitters who want control on the bat. Amar admired the ping these bats provide. With the semi-oval handle, they offer a great pickup.


These bats are fresh clefts of English willow, so the moisture content is high, and weight will go down a little bit. DSC Intence bats are available from grade 1.0 to 7.0. Bat 1.0 means a grade 1 willow, bat 3.0 means a grade English willow and so on.


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DSC Intense Pro Cricket Bat

These DSC intense pros are grade one plus English-Willow has a consistent profile like all others reviewed above. These are fresh clefts weighing around 2lb and 10oz. They need another grip to balance the weight felt at the lower end. The spine height is 65-66mm, with a 40mm edge profile and a clean face. The dark straight grains go down with a thick bottom toe, the grains visible at the bottom and the back of the bat. They ping exceptionally well, even at the bottom, and provide great pickup.


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DSC Intense Bull31 David Warner Orignal Player Cricket Bat

As the Amar takes Bull31 edition bats out, You can tell by the packaging that this premium David Warner Player Cricket bat is a real deal. Place in box under a soft premium cover made with extremely clean willow with a branding sticker of DSC and little bull engraved under it. And a big engraving presenting David Warner IPl edition bat. These carefully crafted bat has a very soft ping with straight grains at front and are also visible at bottom and back of the bat. They have semi-oval slim handle, You definitely need another grip for good balance assisting in great pickup. A very consistent lower profile, almost full width, 66mm spine height and 40mm on the edge. These bats surely are piece of art.


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For a complete and summarized review, watch the video below!