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Do you want to buy a new bat and take your batting to the next level? Well, with so much variety available in the market, it’s a difficult proposition to choose the right brand and the right bat. To make your task a bit easier, we suggest you take a look at the DSC cricket bats for the 2022 season. DSC is one of the most reputed bat manufacturers and makes bats for everyone. From beginners to experts, from amateurs to professionals, DSC has a bat for everyone.

Based in Jalandhar, India, DSC has been making bats for generations, and over the years, has perfected the art of making quality cricket bats. Now, many national and international cricketers use DSC bats, the most noticeable among them being David Warner. Some other international players, who have chosen DSC bats over other brands, include Usman Khawaja, Colin Munro, Dwayne Bravo, Mushfiqur Rahim, and many more. For the 2022 season, DSC has unleashed a wide variety of cricket bats to suit every requirement. This article tries to find out which are the best DSC bats for 2022.


DSC has launched a premium bat named after its most famous patron, David Warner. The bats, also labeled TheBull 31, are made from the finest quality, grade 1 English Willow. There are five variants of the bat to cater to different pitch and match conditions. Some bats are suitable for the shorter format of the game while others are meant for the longer format. These bats are perfectly suitable for batters who prefer to bat in the David warner style. The bats have different profiles to meet different requirements.


Autographed by David Warner, these bats have between 8 to 13 equidistant straight grains. The blades are 106 to 107 mm wide with nice, clean faces without any knots or blemishes. The slim handles, made of the highest quality Singapore cane, are either round or oval. You may need an extra grip if you prefer a thicker handle. The handles are inserted with different layers of specially formulated cork to provide better control and maximum shock absorption. The weights of the bats vary between 1168 and 1200gms. The edges are 39 to 40 mm thick and the spine height is 63 to 65 mm. The bats have a nice balance lying between medium to heavy range and have amazing ping. The toes of the bats are either round or flat with thickness between 23 and 27 mm. The sweet spot, packed with extra wood lies between the mid to lower end.


Priced slightly lower than the DSC David Warner Original Players Bat, these bats are endorsed by many international players. Renowned players, such as Colin Munro, Usman Khawaja, Rahul Chahar, and David Miller have been endorsing these bats for a few years now.

Colin Munro Bat


 Usman Khawaja Bat


Rahul Chahar Bat


David Miller Bat


These are full profile bats that weigh between 1160 to 1200 grams. The bats are made from the finest grade 1 English Willow with 8 to 12 equidistant straight grains. The nicely curved blades have a clean, unblemished face with a width of around 106 mm. The bats usually come with short handles made from Singapore cane with a 9pc treble spring for better shock absorption and maximum comfort. The edges are around 40mm thick with a spine height of 63 to 64cms. The sweet spot at the lower half of the blade is packed with extra wood to provide maximum punch. The bat toes are either flat or curved with a thickness of 24 to 25mms.

DSC Krunch Pro Cricket Bats

Another fine collection of cricket bats, the DSC Krunch Pro series comes in five variants- 1.0 to 5.0. Made from the finest grade 1 English Willow, the bats have between 9 to 13 straight grains. The blades have clean, unblemished faces without any knots, and are 106 to 108 mm wide. The edges are 39 to 40 mm thick with spine height between 63 and 65 mm. The bats have a thick flat toe of 23 to 25 mm and weigh between 1155 and 1188 grams. The slim, short handles are either round or oval and are made from Singapore cane. The specially formulated cork insertions provide maximum shock absorption, control, and power. You may need an extra grip to get a comfortable feel. Some bats are comparatively more hard- pressed than the others and have amazing ping. The sweet spot, reinforced with extra wood and positioned between the middle to lower end, provides excellent balance and assists power hitting.



Meant to cater to the needs of the lesser players, the DSC Krunch series has several variants named from 1.0 to 9.0. These David Warner profile bats are made from the finest English Willow of grades 1 to 4. The bats have clean, unblemished faces without any knots and have 6 to 15 equidistant straight grains. The bats have a nice curve, both at the front and the back, and weigh between 1160 and 1200 grams. The blade width varies between 106 and 108 mm and the edges are 38 to 39 mm thick. In a few bats, the edge is up to 43 mm thick at the sweet spot and some bats are comparatively hard- pressed than the others. The Willow is nicely distributed all around and not just at the sweet spot. The bats come with, both round and oval handles made of Singapore cane and inserted with high-quality cork. The handles are usually slim, and you may need an extra grip for a comfortable feel. With more Willow in the lower portion, the bats have a bottom-heavy balance. The toes are either flat or rounded with 23 to 27 mm thickness.


The DSC Krunch Series Cricket Bats include:

DSC Krunch 1.0

DSC Krunch 2.0

DSC Krunch 3.0

DSC Krunch 4.0

DSC Krunch 5.0

DSC Krunch 6.0

DSC Krunch 7.0

DSC Krunch 8.0

DSC Krunch 9.0

It’s beyond the scope of this article to get into the details of each one of them. Visit the CSO website to get more information on them.


This is a good collection of cricket bats positioned at the middle to lower end of the pyramid. Some bats in the pearla series are :



Mid to low profile bat, it is made from top quality, grade 1 English Willow. The blade has a clean, unblemished face with 7 to 9 straight grains. It has a mild curve and a slim oval handle that would require extra grip for more comfort. The edges are 39 to 40 mm in thickness and the spine goes all the way down to the toe. The bat is evenly balanced with a nice bulge at the sweet spot and a spine height of 62-63 cms. The flat toe is 28 mm thick and the shoulder is about 15 to 18 mm. The bat comes in three variants with minor differences in blade thickness, edges, and weight (1170 to 1200 grams). The Pearla Lustre certainly is a monster of bat that is perfect for power hitters.

Other bats in the Pearla series are:



It’s a full profile cricket bat similar to the ones used by professional cricketers. Made from grade 1 English Willow with varying numbers of straight grains, the bat is designed to deliver extraordinary performance. The bat has an oval, Singapore cane handle for better shock absorption and complete control. All other specifications in terms of weight, blade width, toe and edge thicknesses, and spine height are similar to the Pearla Lustre bats.



DSC Pearla Glow is a full profile cricket bat made from Grade 4 Supreme English Willow. Specially made for USA conditions, it has a flowing control spine and weighs between 1180 to 1210 grams. Particularly meant for beginners, it is quite reasonably priced, so anyone can lay a hand on it.


The DSC Flip range has quite a few bats to offer this season, but we will take a look at three of them. All three bats are made from the best quality English Willow of grades 1 to 3. These bats are pretty lightweight and are exquisitely designed to deliver great performance.



The bats are made from the finest grade 1 English Willow with 7 to 9 straight grains. They are extremely lightweight and come in semi-oval handles made of Singapore cane. All other specifications are similar to any other standard DSC bat and are exquisitely designed to deliver superior performance.



The bats are made from top quality English Willow and come with an oval handle. They are lightweight with perfect balance and are beautifully designed to provide great performance. Other bat specifications conform to MCC standards and are the same as any other DSC bat. These bats are suitable for those who are in the initial stages of their cricketing journey.




Another good collection in the middle to the lower range is the DSC Invincible cricket bats. Made from top quality grade 2 English Willow, these bats are perfectly suitable for college and club level players. The Invincible series has six bats in its range, but here we’ll take a look at two of the more popular ones only.



Made from the finest quality, grade 2 English Willow, these are mid to low profile cricket bats. The bats come with short, oval handle and are perfectly balanced for great performance. Other specifications remain similar to other DSC bats and conform to international standards.



Made from carefully selected grade 2 English Willow, the bats are exquisitely designed and handcrafted for powerful stroke play. The bats have short, oval handles made of Singapore cane for better shock absorption and control. The blade size, the thickness of the edges and toe, spine height, and weight are similar to other DSC bats.

By now, you probably have a fair idea of the quality and variety of bats that DSC has to offer in the 2022 season. The list above mentions only a limited number of DSC bats, but there are many more bats on offer this new season. No matter where you stand on the batting scale, you can always find a DSC bat that meets your requirements. However, making the right choice would depend on various factors, the most important being weight. The shape of the bat, with that perfect curve, and the thickness of the edges, are also very important. The length, shape, and thickness of the handle should make you feel comfortable while gripping the bat. Finally, the wood quality- the Willow has from 4-5 straight grains up to 15 straight grains. More the number of grains better is the bat quality and higher is the price.

Buying that perfect bat is not an easy job. It’s not that you buy the best and the costliest bat, and hope to become one of the best batters. You need to understand your technique, your skill level, and your batting style to make the right choice. Wrong bat selection can adversely affect your batting in the long run. DSC, with its wide variety of cricket bats, gives you the maximum options in choosing the right bat.