Cricket Bats Between $200-$300 - SS, SG, DSC, NB and Hammer

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 8th Aug 2022

Cricket Bats Between $200-$300 - SS, SG, DSC, NB and Hammer

In this video, Amar reviewed some random budget bats that are now available at the cricket store online. Amar, along with his colleague Andy picked all these top-quality bats. Performance-wise, all these bats are player graded. If your budget is low and you want a bat that can clear the boundary, these bats are all you are looking for.

Amar reviews the following lineup of some fantastic bats.


The first in line which Amar reviewed was a SS Terminator Classic. This is a grade 2 English willow bat, weighing approximately 2lb 9 ozs. It is a Yuvraj Singh profile bat with a vast play area and a clean bat face. The bat has an oval handle that usually favors bottom-handed players. You will see a lot of bludge with the spine going all the way down. This bat has 40 mm thick edges and feels slightly heavy at the bottom. The SS terminator is specially designed by the CSO that is now available on their website.

DSC FLIP 3000.

The DSC Flip 3000 is a grade 2 English willow bat. This bat has massive edges with a mid-low profile offering you a great pickup. The bat had a traditional shape spine. The semi-oval slim handle on the bat will surely give you a better pickup and grip.

MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0.

The MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 is a grade 2 English willow bat. The bat has a mid-profile with a semi-oval handle. You will probably need an extra grip on this bat's slim handle. Amar checked the ping of the bat, and the bat felt a lot lighter than the previous two bats reviewed by Amar.


The third on the list was an SG SAVAGE STRIKE Cricket Bat. The bat weighs around 1160-1200g, with 6-7 grains. This premium quality English willow bat endorsed by Hardik Pandya has the same profile as his bat. The traditional round handle will give you an excellent grip and control of the bat.


The Hammer Cannon XL cricket bat is a mid-profile big bat. The spine height of the bat is 63-65 mm with 44 mm edges. The bat's oval handle makes the bat's pick very light, almost about 2 oz lighter than the original weight.

MRF Wizard Power Edition.

This mid-profile bat contains big edges and a thick round handle. The bat has a clean face with a lot of grains. The pickup and balance of the bat are excellent.

New Balance DC 840+.

The New Balance DC 840+ is a grade 3 English willow bat. The bat contains nice chunky 40 mm edges with 63 mm spine height and thick bottom.

SS Retro Max Power.

The following bat which Amar picked up was a SS Retro Max Power. This complete profile bat was made with grade 2 willow. The bat has a round and slim handle with a concave edge, and this bat comes with a tow guard.

SS GG Smacker Signature.

SS GG Smacker is probably the cheapest bat on the list. It is a Grade 3 English willow bat weighing 2lb 12 oz. The big profile of the bat pings the ball nicely.

DSC Krunch 3.0.

The following bat which Amar reviewed was a DSC Krunch 3.0. This mid-low profile bat is a Grade 2 English willow bat. The bat has a round handle with a friendly and light pickup.

New Balance TC 740+.

The New Balance TC 740+ is a grade 3 English willow bat. The bat costs around 260$ and has a nice ping with the ball. Star player Joe Root endorses this bat.

New Balance Burn +.

Amar reviews this grade 2 English willow from NB called New Balance Burn +. The bat had six piece Singapore cane oval handle with a thick blade.

Hammer Black Edition Core.

The Hammer Black Edition Core is a mid-profile cricket bat, the profile of the bat is similar to Virat Kohli's bat. This Grade 2 English willow bat has a semi-oval handle making the pickup incredible.


The SG SUNNY TONNY XTREME BLACK contains the finest English willow. The bat is hard pressed and shaped traditionally for great strokes. The bat weighs between 1160-1200 gm and has approximately 6-7 grains.


The last on the list which Amar reviewed was an SG KLR ULTIMATE Cricket Bat. This Grade 1 willow bat contains 6-7 grains and weighs between 1160-1200gm. The bat comes with a traditional round cane handle for superior grip and bat control.


All these bats are now available at CSO.


For a more detailed review, watch the video below!