Cricket Bat Repairs Blog

Posted by jason mellet on 15th Dec 2015

Cricket Bat Repairs Blog

Cricket Bat Repairs Blog

Option 1 : Keep your old cricket bat

As you prepare for the upcoming cricket season, you have three options, use the bat you used last season. It may be a great bat, you may feel a tad left out though when the other players come out with their 2016 batting weapons but it is still an option.

Option 2 : Buy a new cricket bat.

The 2016 line-up of available cricket bats in the USA is as good as it has ever been. Whether you want a Kookaburra or a GM or something else, there truly is something for everyone. Concaving, no concaving, mid sweet spot, low sweet spot, there is a bat for every taste this season. If you are no sure what your taste is, the prices are so good that you can almost afford to buy 2 or 3.

If youre going to buy a new bat please consider donating your old cricket bat to our  #BatForAlzheimers charity.

Option 3 : Repair / refurbish your old bat.

Then there is the frugal option that may just be the best option. And that is to have your bat repaired and refurbished by the expert cricket bat makers at Cricket Store Online. There is no cricket bat repair service as professional and as well versed in the art of cricket bat making as the pro's at Cricket Store Online. They can make your bat not only look new but ensure that your bat plays like new, but only better because the bat has already been worked in.

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The pro staff at Cricket Store Online can shave some ounces off your bat if you have a preference for something slightly lighter. Repair any minor cracks and even do a full diagnostic assessment of your cricket bat to ensure that it is properly ready for the upcoming 2016 season. Beat the rush of cricket bats that Cricket Store Online will have as the season begins by sending in your bat now.

The Cricket Store Online bat refurbishment center is truly a one-of-a-kind refurbishment center in the USA. With all the equipment that you would find in an Australian or UK cricket bat refurbishment center, there is no cricket bat seller in North America better placed to repair your cricket bat. Call Cricket Store Online and find out what one of their expert cricket bat and equipment gurus can do for you.

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