Complete review of Top Collection of Junior Cricket bats 2022

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 25th Aug 2022

Complete review of Top Collection of Junior Cricket bats 2022

Dipesh, in this video, reviewed some amazing junior cricket bats. The bats are available from size 3 to H on our online store. All these lightweight bats are hand-picked by Dipesh from the factory for future cricket stars. These bats come from reputable manufacturers like SS, SG, GM, etc., so you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality and chosen by experts.


Dipesh reviewed the following line-up of these excellent quality junior bats.

Hammer Junior LE Cricket Bat

The Hammer junior cricket bats have excellent pick-up and balance, which makes it easy to swing for young cricketers. It is crafted from premium grade 1 English Willow. The bat weighs around 1.10 to 2.05 lb. The bat's weight can be customized to customers' demands which you can check on the Cricket Store Online. With other high-quality features, a toe guard is fitted as standard. The bat comes in excellent yellow and black color combination design, which makes it a fantastic choice for kids. It has a spotless bat face with even grains providing a great look.

SS Limited Edition Junior Cricket Bat

The SS juniors cricket bat is a grade 1 English willow bat. Bat design maintains the same standards as those used by the best players in the world. The bat consists of concave TON edges, which enables high impact with optimum performance. It comes with a classic SS TON branding on chrome color. The SS junior bats are available on the Cricket Store Online for a considerably reasonable price.

MRF Junior Cricket Bat

For young cricketers, nothing beats the MRF Junior Cricket Bat. The bat's great pickup and balance make it easy for young cricketers to swing. It's crafted from high-quality English Willow. The bat's mid-sweet spot makes it a good choice for front and back-foot hitters. The MRF Junior Cricket Bat has an excellent finish and weighs around 2.5 to 2.8 lbs depending on the customer's choice.

GM Junior Cricket Bats

The Gm junior is a prime grade 1 English willow bat. The bat's low swell position and thick toe are balanced by a shorter blade length and concavity in the back of the profile. This ensures that the robust profile still has a good pick-up. The GM junior is one of the most impressive bats in the market, and it comes in a wide variety of sizes and willow grades.

SG Junior Cricket Bats

The SG Junior bat is a traditional-shaped hard-pressed willow bat. The bat is made from the finest English willow. The bat includes 6-7 straight grains and weighs around 2.9 to 2.11 lbs. The bat is available in many different sizes ( SH, H, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 &1 ). All these bats are personally hand selected by Dipesh from the SG factory.

- Age recommendation: 15+ if player is 171 cm (5'6") or taller.

- Bat size: 85.7 cm (33.7 inches)


All these amazing bats are available on the Cricket Store Online website.


For a more detailed review, watch the video below!