Complete Profile Review of SS Original Player Bats 2022 - Part 2

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 26th Aug 2022

Complete Profile Review of SS Original Player Bats 2022 - Part 2

In this video, Amar reviews the SS Original Player Cricket Bats 2022. The bats' profile is similar to those used in international matches by players. These bats are hand-selected by people at the cricket store online from the SS factory and are made from the finest grade 1 English willow. This type of willow is mainly used for international players' bats. These bats have an excellent profile, great ping sound, and imported bat handles. All these Bats come in a premium black leather bag. To sum up, these bats are made to the highest standards by SS.


Amar reviews the following line-up of these fantastic quality bats.

SS TON Original Players Cricket Bat - David Malan

The SS TON DAVID MALAN is a round handle bat with 14 straight grains. With this number of grains, one will surely get top performance from the bat. The bats come with a 65mm spine height and 40mm edges which is the International limit for the bats. The bat weighs 1200 gms. Thick shoulders on the bat help with the pickup and make it easier for the batter to swing the bat. Like all original player bats, this one also features a complete profile. Amar liked the solid ping on the bat.

SS TON Original Players Cricket Bat - Surya Kumar Yadav

The SS TON SURYA KUMAR YADAV is a Grade 1 English willow bat. You can expect a long inning of solid hitting, good shock absorption with curved edges, and a thick toe. The bat is evenly balanced with clean willow having 13 nice straight grains. It weighs 1200 but feels lighter in pickup due to the slim round handle. This round and slim handle on the bat needs an extra grip that will allow the batter to have great control of the bat.

SS TON Original Players Cricket Bat - Kieron Pollard

Keiron Pollard's original SS TON players bat are made of premium grade 1 English willow and feature a three-tone chrome finish. Like other TON Original Player bats, this one features thick edges that contribute to the bat's tremendous performance in high-stakes games. Despite its massive edge thickness and complete profile design, this bat comes in at relatively lightweight, weighing 1190 gm. The bat includes 12 nice straight grains. Amar loved the ping of the bat.

SS TON Original Players Cricket Bat - Nicholas Pooran

The last bat which Amar reviews is the SS TON Nicholas Pooran Original Player Bat. The profile of the bat is similar to the Surya Kumar Yadav bats'. This bat has nine straight grains on grade 1 English willow. The bat's slim, round handle is extraordinary and provides a fast swing. The bat weighed 1170 grams and is the lightest among all the bats on the list. Amar checked the ping of the bat, and it was soft and solid.


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