Complete Profile review of GM Devon Conway Cricket Bat 2022

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 26th Aug 2022

Complete Profile review of GM  Devon Conway Cricket Bat 2022

In this video, Amar reviewed the GM Devon Conway Player edition bat. Each bat is handcrafted from a select batch of premium limited edition willow. All the bats are tested individually byGM and then hand-selected by people at the cricket store online to ensure 5-star performance. For the first time,GM has released a stylish, black bat case that comes with the bat and is designed to keep bats safe.

GM Original Devon Conway Cricket Bat 2022

The GM Devon Conway bat is an unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow cricket bat. Devon uses Chroma labels on his bat, which feature an array of brilliant, iridescent colors with David Conway's signature and endorsement, and a bottom-heavy profile ideal for slamming the ball all over the field. The blade has almost no concavity, and the weight is concentrated in the bottom, which ensures top performance. The sweet spot is placed perfectly in the middle, neither too high nor too low. The bats have a Pro-Lite grip, which is the lightest one Gunn & Moore makes.


This GM Devon Conway Original Player bat is a full-profile bat. The bat offers a more enormous sweet spot thanks to the thicker edges that make it possible to launch the ball farther into the air or drive it more forcefully into the ground. The semi-oval handle ensures proper grip placement, allowing for more precise shot control. The only drawback, in Amar's opinion, is the bat's thin toe.


It is the Grade 1 English Willow bat. The slim Semi-Oval handle is excellent for both top and bottom-handed players. The bat includes 8 to 10 nice and straight dark grains with a clean premium willow. It has a swell depth of 64mm with 39mm thick edges (the thickest possible on a bat) and 555mm blade length. The bat weighs from 1148 gm to 1184 gm.


The bat's pickup is much lighter, making it easier to swing the bat and hit those maximums. The perfect grain structure and weight of these bats produce a ping that is both soft and solid. Amar found the ping smooth all over the bat.


You can now easily purchase these amazing quality bats, which are now available at Cricket Store Online!


For a detailed review, watch the video below!