Buzz Cricket Bats

Posted by jason mellet on 14th Jan 2015

Buzz Cricket Bats

Grant Elliot and Buzz Cricket Bats

One of the teams to watch out for in the Cricket World Cup 2015 is definitely the New Zealand BlackCaps. They have a very well balanced side. Brendon McCullum and his charges are coming off possibly their best ever calendar year. There are plenty of young stars, including Kane Williamson and Trent Boult. If all things click together, New Zealand could be a very destructive team. Corey Anderson proved what he is capable of and he is yet another asset to the highly impressive New Zealand cricket team.

One of the inclusions in the New Zealand World Cup squad is Grant Elliott. Born in South Africa, Elliott is more than a handy middle order batsman who can score his runs at quite a brisk pace. What makes Elliott unique is that he has his own line of cricket equipment known as Buzz Bats.

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The company was founded in 2008 by three professional cricketers who wanted to produce high quality cricket equipment with a hint of Kiwi flare. Thus Buzz Bats was born. The bats are currently used by Elliott himself and other Kiwi cricketers Michael Papps and Luke Woodcock.

Another former cricketer that comes to mind that turned to cricket bat making was aggressive South African opener Mike Rindel.

It definitely adds an element of knowledge to the batsman when he knows the craft of making the bat he uses. He is thus able to fine tune and select the exact specifications that can best accentuate the strengths of his game at the crease.

In this strong Kiwi side it remains to be seen if Elliott will make it into the starting XI, if he does look out for his Buzz Cricket Bat.

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