Best Budget Cricket Bats under $300 | Cricket Store Online

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 26th May 2021

Best Budget Cricket Bats under $300 | Cricket Store Online

Budget Cricket Bats under $300

Hello, everyone. So we created a list of Budget Bats - Under $300 for those in need of affordable yet capable bats that suit you best. Yes for only $300 or under cricket bats just for you! We want to consider this burning issue for people regarding what everyone has gone through. So we’ve got an idea to talk to many customers listening to their concerns because of the COVID. We understand that everyone does not want to share their cricket equipment and we want to make sure that everyone uses their own. And because of that, people want to order their own independent kit bags and their own private cricket equipment. But since they are not able to travel back home yet. So they're looking for options here on our Cricket Store Online and making sure that they are within the budget. You may check that out on our website and don’t hesitate to choose your personal cricket equipment.

Let’s jump in now to our budget category of good quality, and yet at a very low price cricket bats. The most important decision for a batsmen playing at any level is to select the right kind of cricket bat to produce the right results on the field. And we know that every player should choose a bat that fits him the best based on his playing style, his strength, and his physical attributes. Read on!

First, we have :


This Cricket bat has its best English Willow with a Grade 3 and an Air Dried Willow. Embossed Chrome Sticker with High-quality grip. A wide play area with a clean bat face. And a Virat Kohli's Original Profile Cricket bat.

It is the Best Budget Bats from SS. Exclusively made for the USA and available at Cricket Store Online.

Next, we have the

SG Triple Crown ICON Cricket Bat 2021

This bat has Grade 3 performance English willow, a hard-pressed & traditionally shaped for superb strokes. With 5-7 straight grains. A Singapore cane handle with special 3-way insertion of cork in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption. Traditional round cane handle for supreme grip and overall bat control. It has a round toe, 1160-1190 gms (2.9-2.11 lbs) in weight, a very easy to carry, 33.7 in(85.7 cm) in size, and suitable For-Age: 15+. Height: 5’6″ and above. This cricket is perfect for beginning-level players. Get your phone now, log in to our website Cricket Store Online and place your order for this very affordable SG Triple Crown Icon Cricket Bat 2021 just for you.

And now we have, 

Adidas INCURZA 5.0 Cricket Bat 2021

This bat is built for power. The Adidas Incurza cricket bats which endorsed by Jofra Archer and Tom Banton features a large edge and a square face, helping provide maximum results. It is ideal for any batsman because it is perfectly balanced with high performance and it is the best cricket bat for the player who likes to play big entertaining shots. A rounded handle best suited to hard hitting batsmen who like to lift the ball. modern stylish design with embossed adidas logo. A full profile with little concaving for a wide and large sweet spot. There’s no need to break the bank when shopping for a superb bat. So get one Adidas Incurza 5.0 Cricket Bat 2021 now.

Then of course we have the

MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket Bat 2021

This MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket Bat is a little bit different from normal granulation bats as well. Virat Kohli’s bat is an exact replica of the MRF Genius Game Changer. That is crafted to perfection using the finest English willow the MRF cricket bats are renowned for their balance and power. Optimum balance with thick edges and shoulder. Available in short handle sizes. This bat is approved for play in most leagues and will definitely elevate your game to a new, awesome, fence-shattering level! This is a deal you shouldn't pass up! 

Another affordable cricket bat for you!

Kookaburra Ghost LITE Cricket Bat 2021

Again, the Kookaburra Ghost Lite Cricket Bat 2021 with its’ clean striking looks and traditional profile is a firm favourite among the stylish players who love the massive profile it possesses. With its sweet Spot; approx. 195mm to 215mm from the toe. Edge Thickness; approx. 35mm to 38mm. Exactly the same as the standard Ghost but lighter – a 1” shorter blade with a 1” longer handle makes the overall length the same as a standard short handle bat. Featuring our NEW Counter Balance handle which allows bats to be produced between 2lb 6oz and 2lb 8 1/2 oz.This bat is handmade using Grade 4 unbleached English willow and features a non-oil 'Armourtec' face.


Wow! Yes, get this one now at a very affordable price. A hand-selected of a Grade 5 English willow. And is a specially designed grip for professionals that provides better control and comfort. A combination of Sarawak cane handle. With a round handle and concave edges, this bat has a big sweet spot. Wow, it’s a huge edge super rebounded quality. Hurry! Browse now to your phone and place your order at

Excited for another budget bat? Here’s one for you, the

SS Retro Gutsy Cricket Bat 2021

The Sareen Sports Industries (also called SS) was founded in 1969 by N.K. Sareen and today are one of the world's leading cricket equipment manufacturers. This bat is a shape designed by professionals. Also a combination of a Sarawak cane handle. A concave Edge, round handle, with Grade 4 English Willow which has the latest embossed sticker. This bat is used in professional matches and is a quality bat. Get yours now!

Here another one from DSC!


We all know that DSC is one of the latest brands in cricket and is making a rapid rise in popularity being endorsed by some big names such as Dwayne Bravo, Usman Khawaja. Their popularity is mainly due to the quality equipment they have been putting out and will surely be rapidly rising to one of the biggest brands available today. The DSC Eureka Jolt Cricket Bat 2021 features a full profile and higher sweet spot resulting in extended power and pick up. It is individually handcrafted from Grade 3, English Willow. A semi Oval handle for all-round wrist movement. And a dynamic grip for better control.

And lastly, we have the

Kookaburra Pace 5.2 Cricket Bat 2021

Another wow! Get this ideal cricket bat for the adult player who prefers a feather-light pick-up. It is made from a specially selected Grade 5 unbleached English Willow, this bat has a sweet spot of 215mm to 235mm from the toe. This grade is produced during the production process and it is basically like a Grade 4 but may have more stain in the wood so cosmetically will not look as attractive. It has a flat face profile, standard Toe profile, and a Spine Profile of 63-65mm. The Edge profile is round with a thickness of 30-35mm. The Scallop is 1-2mm and the Bow 10-12mm. It has a standard handle with a “Wave” Grip. And between 2.6 to 2.8 weight.

While these are only a few of the budget bats we listed just for you based on our selection! There are still more budget bats to choose from our online store And experience the exceptional feel combined with the expected great performance of a well-engineered cricket bats where you can avail for yourself at Cricket Store Online. So choose now which bat is your favorite!

If you have any specific questions please give us a call at our WhatsApp (609)666-4464 or email us at We hope this blog will make it easy for you to choose the very affordable that is within your budget yet very good quality and exceptional cricket bats. Looking forward to connect with you again soon. Keep safe everyone and be blessed!