Ali Cook talks Omega XRD to Gray-Nicolls

Posted by jason mellet on 16th Oct 2014

Ali Cook talks Omega XRD to Gray-Nicolls

Ali Cook talks Omega XRD to Gray-Nicolls

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A bat batsman may blame his bat but good batsmen know that a solid piece of cricket bat willow in their hands is one of their best allies. Any budding or star cricketer who is looking to get a star piece of cricketing willow in his hands should look no further than the new Gray Nicolls Omega XRD cricket bat. It is a bat that has won the favor of many critics and is the able batting weapon of choice of English skipper Alistair Cook. Th

The Omega XRD is a bat that definitely looks funky and hip but also allows batsmen to perform at their absolute peak. One of the most striking features in the design of the Gray Nicolls Omega XRD is in the profile of the bats shoulders. The Omega XRD has very slender shoulders almost with a scoop like effect. The unique shoulder design can seem odd at first but upon pick up, batsmen quickly realize that it is a piece of Gray Nicolls sheer bat making genius.

This is because the shoulder design of the bat means that the bat has a markedly decreased feeling in the weight of the pick up. This means that batsmen are playing with a bat that feels half its weight. It also allowed the Gray Nicolls bat makers to add huge amounts of willow in the sweet spot of the bat. This provides batsmen with huge amounts of power through their shots off the back or the front foot.

The Gray Nicolls Omega XRD cricket bat is the cherry in an impeccable Gray Nicolls Omega range. The range includes batting gloves, batting pads, helmets, shoes and wicket keeping gloves.

The Gray Nicolls Omega XRD truly is a cherry. The sweet spot on the bat is in the mid to high zone of the bat. This is borne out of the unique shoulder design of the bat. The hitting zone is extended right through to a few inches before the toe. As mentioned, the weight distribution on pick up and through the shot is amazing.

If it is the only cricket bat you ever buy, you will not go wrong by purchasing the Gray Nicolls Omega XRD. It looks the part too, with a neon yellow and bright blue as the staple color in most sticker and art work on the bat.