Aero Cricket

Posted by jason mellet on 26th Dec 2014

Aero Cricket

Aero today is the product of over a decade's effort from people absolutely committed to the production of the best cricket protective equipment.

The research and development process that lead to Aero's creation started as far back as the late 1990s.

Underground play testing and trialing went on in New Zealand and South Africa through the early years of the last decade.

The first aero cricket products arrived on the market in 2004 with the introduction of the ground breaking leg , chest and lower body protectors ("Strippers").

All these products have been upgraded substantially since their introduction and have been joined over the last few years in the Aero product stable by a flurry of new market leading products.

Aero has its headquarters in the North Island of New Zealand and a wholly-owned operational base in Kent in the UK. It has distribution and retail outlets throughout the cricket playing world.

With the game of cricket like all other sports, small differences in performance can change the outcome of a game or a series.

It was only a matter of time before the cricket pros of the world would demand to join most other sports and use today's technologies, materials and design approaches to make equipment for them that meets and enhances their performance and enjoyment. Aero is about understanding and designing protection equipment that enables better sports performance.

With the unique skills, insights and confidence as leaders in protective equipment, Aero have designed revolutionary new gear which performs at the highest levels and increases enjoyment for cricketers of all ages.

See Aero Strippers here

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