Adidas Pellara Cricket Bat 2016

Posted by jason mellet on 8th Dec 2015

Adidas Pellara Cricket Bat 2016

Believe it or not 2016 is around the corner and the cricket bats that are being produced are superb. The adidas Pellara cricket bat 2016 is right up there with the very best that is being made available for cricket consumers. One of the hottest all rounders in cricket, David Willey endorses the adidas Pellara cricket bat and it is a cricket bat in the past that has been endorsed and used by Kevin Pietersen.

Adidas pellara cricket bat 2016

The willow on the professional level cricket bat is Grade 1 English Willow. The handle is a 9 piece cane handle and has a much longer than usual middle swell. Despite the longer middle swell, the adidas Pellara Club Cricket Bat is a beautifully balanced cricket bat. It is well balanced in the pick-up and well balanced in the swing. The bat has square edges and has a very flat face profile. This profile and edge compilation very much fits the power hitting type of batsman.

adidas have put brand new octopus grips on their 2016 range of cricket bats, this gives the batsman more control over the cricket bat. These grips are also supremely comfortable in the hands of the batsman.

The brand new 3D graphics on the stickers with the really modern and classy colors give this range of adidas cricket bats some real pizzazz. All in all, the adidas Pellara Club Cricket Bat for 2016 is the complete package cricket bat and the real deal, if you have every shot in the book, you might want to buy this bat to help you play them.

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