Adidas Libro Elite Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 30th Apr 2015

Adidas Libro Elite Cricket Bat

There are many international batsmen using  adidas cricket bats. Of course, Sachin Tendulkar himself for the last part of his career used a Sachin Tendulkar styled adidas cricket bat with of course some very characteristic heavy duty meat at the end of his cricket bat. One of the stars of the ad of the Adidas Libro Elite Cricket Bat, and there are many including Kevin Pietersen and Suresh Raina, is Rohit Sharma.

Unlike Raina and Pietersen, the Indian opening batsman uses an adidas Libro Elite Cricket Bat. Much like the stroke play of the highly effective Rohit Sharma, the one word that would sum-up the credentials of the adidas Libro Elite Cricket Bat is-balance. This bat is perfectly balance, part of that immense balance comes from the fact that it has a high middle. Balance in a cricket bat means that the bat produces maximum amount of power with the lightest feel and pick-up. The feel and pick-up on the adidas Libro is feather light and the power is ferocious.

The adidas Libro Elite cricket bat has a high middle/swell position and also a high spine. The power in the bat as equal whether playing strokes off the back foot or playing strokes off the front foot.

The handle is a 9-piece cane handle, it is made of top quality cane and greatly marginalizes the amount of vibration that is passed to the hands of the batsmen even when the ball hits the toe or shoulder of the bat. Any minimal vibration that is still existent is negated by the new ergonomic octopus grip. The grip is designed to not only give the batsman a better grip of the bat but also negates any vibration.

All in all, it is easy to see why a player like Rohit Sharma chooses to use a bat like the adidas Libro Elite, it has all the trimming and trappings of a fantastic cricket bat. It goes without saying that it is made with high quality English Willow.

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