Adidas Cricket Bat 2022 - Top Models Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 9th Aug 2022

Adidas Cricket Bat 2022 - Top Models Review

Amar Shar, in this video, reviews some significant quality cricket bats. All these bats came from Jalandhar and Meerut. All the bats carry International players' profiles with unique designs. Amar found all these bats a lot lighter. These bats with thicker spines can help the ball to cross those extra yards.

Amar reviews the following line-up of bats. You can also find it on their website, “Cricket Store Online.”

Adidas XT Cricket Bat.

The first bat that Amar reviewed was an Adidas XT. These fantastic lightweight bats come in the following variants.

XT 1.0

The Adidas XT 1.0 is a Grade 1 English willow bat with a traditional style shape with slight concaving, allowing for the perfect light pickup. The bat weighs around 2lb 7oz to 2lb 9oz with 12-14 grains and lovely clean willow. The thick semi-oval handle makes the pickup of the bat very light.

XT 2.0

The Adidas XT 2.0 is another Grade 1 English willow bat. Amar compares the bat to a junior's bat because of its lightweight. These bats come in different ranges weighing from 2lb 8oz to 2lb 10oz. All the bats have a spine height of 64mm, a semi-oval handle, and 38-39mm thick edges. The bat contains 10-11 grains with some blemishes.

XT 3.0

Amar also reviews one bat of the XT 3.0 edition. These are grade 2 English willow bats with an excellent thick spine and 36-40mm edges. The bat includes an oval handle and is very much light weighted.

XT Elite

The XT Elite are player-graded bats. These full-profile bats have a thick bottom with a spine height of 63mm. The bat weighs 2lb 10oz but picks up 2lb 8oz, according to Amar. It has 11 nice straight grains with a monster willow that pings well on the ball.

Adidas INCURZA Cricket Bat.

Amar also reviews the following lineup of Adidas Incurza.


The Adidas Incurza 2.0 is a grade 2 English willow bat. This full profile bat with No Concaving includes a Rounded Spine. The round handle on the bat is undoubtedly going to help hard-hitting batters. It has eight nice and straight grains with a clean willow.


The Incurza 1.0 is a selected Grade English willow bat. The bat weighs around 2lb 10oz and has an excellent pressing on the willow with nine nice straight grains. It has 38-40mm thick edges and a solid ping.


The Adidas Incurza Gold has a square face and large edges that help it give the best results. The bat is made from grade 1 English willow, and the complete profile with little concavity provides a broad and huge sweet spot. The bat weighs 2lb 10oz with 10-12 straight grains and a round handle. If you are looking for the best pinging bat, these bats are for you.


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For a complete and summarized review, watch the video below!