Adidas Cricket Bat 2021 Range Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 22nd Apr 2021

Adidas Cricket Bat 2021 Range Review

Adidas Cricket Bats 2021

Hi Readers, hope you are all well and safe. We are delighted to bring you our most sought after range of Adidas cricket bats 2021. With players like Sam Curran and Jofra Archer now endorsing the Adidas brand, you can definitely go for it especially if you are a grass root player.

In this blog, we will talk about the different types and the overall range of Adidas Cricket Bats 2021, that we have available in our Cricket Store Online. We will give you an overview of the entire range so that you can choose your fit easily!

As you all know, Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Long term sponsors in world cricket, they only actually started making cricket bats in 2008. Adidas Bat is the first choice of most professional Players. We have witnessed Legends like Sachin Tendulkar using Adidas Cricket Bats. These Bats come both in English Willow and Kashmir Willow. For the 2021 season, Adidas have continued to produce just two styles of cricket bat – the Incurza range and the XT range. Each has their own style, designed to compliment different batting techniques.

The Adidas XT Grey cricket bats are currently endorsed by England’s Sam Curran and Stuart Broad designed for the type of player who likes to bat long, whilst playing both front and back foot shots. Adidas Incurza cricket bats are endorsed by Jofra Archer and Tom Banton features large edges and a square face, helping provide maximum results. Perfectly balanced with high performance this is the perfect bat for the player who likes to play big entertaining shots.

Adidas Incurza

Made from Premium English Willow, the vibrant Incurza range has been upgraded to an even higher standard for the new season. Incurza range is styled for the more modern batsman, playing a shorter format of the game, packed with power. This style allows a batsman to channel their aggression effectively, with a mid to high middle spine that tapers down to the toe, not duck bill. It is great for front foot stroke play with fuller hitting off centre to get lots of wood around it.

The weight of this bat is fairly light, sitting around the 2.7 mark. This is surprising given the beefy specification of 37mm edges, 62mm spine and a 21mm toe. The bat feels extremely low density which is why the bat feels so light. The Incurza features large edges and a square face, helping provide maximum results.

Regarding pick-up, It does not feel bottom heavy by any means. The shape of the bow contributes to lighter pick-up. The handle is of medium thickness – not too thick or thin, iconic style 9 piece cane handle. There is a semi oval at the bottom, great for any bottom handed players.

The bat responds to the mallet as any top grade cricket bat should. The willow feels soft, responsive and bounces off the long middle. The density ensures it shouldn’t take too long to reach peak performance.

It has a modern stylish design with embossed adidas logo and a Full profile with little concaving for a wide and large 'sweet spot'

The range of Adidas Incurza Cricket Bats 2021 includes:

Adidas INCURZA 1.0 Cricket Bat 2021

Adidas INCURZA 3.0 Cricket Bat 2021

Adidas INCURZA GOLD LE Cricket Bat 2021

Adidas XT

The Adidas XT range is designed for all round stroke play. A mid to low middle caters for play off both the front and back foot, perfect for longer games. This range follows a more traditional style with a sharper spine and minimal concaving.

The XT Grey range combines the highest level of performance with the iconic three stripe style. Featuring a full profile and traditional shape, the Adidas XT is crafted for unrivalled pickup and balance to fully optimise your game. This bat is designed for the type of player who likes to bat long, whilst playing both front and back foot shots.

Made with the same Grade English Willow, the Adidas XT willow feels soft with very low density creating an overall responsive cricket bat.

The shape is slightly different to the Incurza, with a full spine than runs down to the toe. This bat has a mid to low middle which is great for playing off the front and back foot. The spine is sharper and slightly less full. There is minimal concaving also, ensuring maximum wood is behind every shot.

The specs are slightly smaller than the Incurza, with 36mm edges, a 60mm spine and a 19mm toe. This is one or two inches smaller. What’s surprising is that the two bats weigh the same between 2.7 and 2.9. The bat has a medium bow.

Regarding pick-up, the XT felt slightly heavier than the Incurza. This is due to the fuller spine and mid to low middle, which shifts weight towards the tow of the bat. We especially like the classy stickers used for the XT model. The embossed chrome lettering looks fantastic on the grey background. The sticker allows the quality of the willow to show.

The handle is pretty much identical to the Incurza, the only difference being the colour scheme of the grip. Again, this is perfect for top-handed players. The bat performed excellently off the mallet. The bat is relatively soft off the mallet – and should not take too long to reach peak performance.

The Grade of the bats range from 1.0 to 3.0 allowing every batsman an opportunity to possess an Adidas Cricket Bat.

Adidas XT 1.0 Cricket Bat 2021

Adidas XT 2.0 Cricket Bat 2021

Adidas XT 3.0 Cricket Bat 2021

When it comes to both styles of bat, Adidas have developed something for everyone in terms of price. The Adidas Incurza and XT are a fantastic option for those who don’t want to shell out on the very top of the range but still get value.

We try to inform you of all the available ranges that we currently have in store and recommend you bats based on your preferences, but if you happen to like a specific bat model that we don’t carry, please WhatsApp us at (609)666-4464 or email us at We have ordered many specialized, customised, and limited edition bats for our customers. For the readers of this blog, we also invite you to join our private Whatsapp group full of returning and loyal Cricket Store Online patrons. We post heavy discount deals on all kinds of cricketing gear in that group.

Live your cricketing dream with the latest range of Adidas Cricket Bats!!