Protos Cricket Bats 2022- Complete Review by CSO

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 13th Aug 2022

 Protos Cricket Bats 2022- Complete Review by CSO

In this video, Amar reviewed one of the most famous bats in India,‘’ The Protos Cricket Bats ”. These bats have been a part of every cricketer’s career in India. Dipesh carefully selected these bats while visiting F.C Sondhi’s & CO(manufacturer of Protos bats in India) back in January.

Here is a quick review by Amar of Protos Cricket Bats.

Protos Tornado Cricket Bat

Amar opens the Protos Tornado cricket bat first as you can see in the video below. This is a mid-profile cricket bat with a round handle that becomes thicker as you move from top to bottom. It is a high bow bat having a slightly shaved duckbill top with a spine height of 65mm and 40mm thick edges. The Bat weighs around 2.9 Kg having an excellent ping. This bat has a slightly hard press with 10 straight grains giving it a phenomenal look.

He then unboxes the second bat which is another Tornado. This bat is also completely similar in terms of thickness and spine height. The only difference is the 11 grains on this which are due to wood from a different tree.

He opens the third Protos Tornado bat and knocks it with the ball to check the solid ping that sounds so complete. From the looks of it, our expert Amar believes this bat to be made for aggressive hitters as he knocks it down on the floor. This bat had a cleaner face as compared to the other two that Amar reviewed before this one. He counted as shown in the video, the grains of this bat were 10. This bat is the light one to pick. The ping of this bat was solid and similar to Bat 1. He named this bat number 3.

Protos Derecho Cricket Bat

Next bat when he uncovered that was Protos Derecho. It had a clear face with 10 grains. The grains are not too straight. So Amar didn’t categorize this bat as a Grade 1 bat (it is probably a lower quality grade 1-B). Derecho has a softer ping compared to Tornado. He unboxes 2 Derecho bats. Both bats have round handles with 10 grains on them. Coming down to the numbers, the bat has a spine height of 63mm and a massive 40mm edge thickness. You can see the duckbill toe on this like other Protos bats.

Overall, the bat is a great option as it is extremely light with a dual-tone Singapore cane handle that helps in shock absorption. Check out a detailed review of the bat in the video below.

Protos Original Player Bat 2022

The last bats he unboxes are none other than the original player bats of Protos. These bats are the highest quality bats that are paid the most attention to. The bats are lightweight with a spine height of 63mm and have 12-15 even grains on the bat face. Amar checks the ping of the bat by knocking a ball with it. The sound of the ping brings nostalgia to all the cricketers who have used Proto's bats in their college cricket teams. The bat has slight carving on the scallop to reduce weight since the bat has a full profile. Overall, the Protos Players bat has ‘Players’ written on the bat face and features an oval Singapore cane handle with special 3-way insertion of cork in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption. It has a short handle and is custom-made for international players’ demands.


These bats were carefully handpicked by our cricket experts with years of experience. You can rest assured about the quality of these bats. For a detailed review, check this video below or visit our blog.


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