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Vapen cricket bats

New for the 2013/14 season, the Vapen core is a progression from the 2013 Hammer Vapen core cricket bat.

We've taken results from our 2012/2013 bat research and put it into our 2014 cricket bat design.

With a focus on edge size, performance and destructive sweetspots we have custom designed the 2014 Vapen using Computer aided design techniques for a truly unique cricket bat.

The Vapen (Nordic word for Weapon) is all about the biggest edges and also the biggest apex profile size. 

The new Hammer Vapen will have edges on all cricket bats ranging from 40mm to 50mm and weights ranging from 2.8 to 3lbs

We found there to be some flaws with 100% flat faced bats, namely weak edges so have designed this bat with a 3.5mm camber on the face.

This bat is insane, expect to get lots of wows from your friends and disbelief when you tell them how light this monster really is as it will dwarf the edges on most other bats..


If you want to scare the bowler for a change then maybe the Hammer Vapen core is the cricket bat for you.


Pick your Vapen..