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Michael Carberry's Adipower Ayrtek Batting Helmet


Michael Carberry's Adipower Ayrtek Batting Helmet

If you've gotten a good look at Michael Carberry's cricket batting helmet, you'd probably take a double look. His futuristic looking batting helmet was the topic of many reports. 

The Air Cushioning Impact System (A.C.I.S.) and funny shape have made Ayrtek helmets stand out for a few years, and Carberry has been an advocate of the protection if offers for several years now. But now that Aytek has joined forces with Adidas earlier this year, we will be seeing more of the new eye catching and protective designs. As well as Carberry, we may be seeing others sporting the new attention grabbing Adipower batting helmets from Adidas and Ayrtek soon. 

In a time where the protective quality of batting helmets is being questioned, Adidas and Ayrtek have teamed up to address the safety standards, especially on grille penetration, by becoming more stringent in an attempt to limit injuries. As all of the top cricket brands in the batting helmet department bring out new designs to counter the fresh concern over safety, Tom Milsom at Aytek is convinced of the protection Carberry is getting with his flashy batting helmet.  “Most head injuries suffered whilst batting are caused by the following factors: the ball being able to penetrate the gap between the faceguard and the helmet’s peak; the faceguard making contact with the head or face during ball impact; batters being struck on the relatively unprotected back of the head and the proximity of a helmet’s grille to the batter’s temple. The adipower cricket helmet range is specifically designed to reduce the likelihood of these occurring.”