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Gunn & Moore cricket bats 2013

After much of the previous 10 years without a committed distributor in Australia, GM - under the direction of Addlon Trading since 2006 - has      re-established the brand in the local market.

Gunn & Moore – the company – was established in 1885 and in recent years when the rest of the cricket world were closing down their plants and moving to India to produce their bats, GM conducted an exhaustive study into the treatment of timber and the manufacturing process, culminating in a massive investment in technology in their UK plant.

The result has been a huge improvement in the performance, durability and consistency of the finished product. GM are widely-renowned as the world's premier bat maker.

GM's DXM technology allows for precise replicas of leading GM Player’s Bats. Their unique Computer Aided Manufacture produces bats to the precise player profile and dimensions. Amazing stuff, really?