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B3 Custom Cricket Bat

Customers will have a scheduled Skype meeting with the bat maker to design their very own B3 custom bat.

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Product Description

B3 Custom Cricket Bat

Our Custom range empowers B3 customers to build their own perfect shape through our unique website. Select from a range of different profile, edge and spine designs to custom build your perfect B3 cricket bat.

Willow Grade:

1 Stripe- Our 1 Stripe represents outstanding value for money as our entry level grade. The grain may not be straight in every case and will usually contain some pin knots which are all completely natural and only affect the bats appearance.

2 Stripes- High quality English willow with between 5 and 12 grains and may contain some light butterfly stain. There may also be pin knots but this will not affect the performance of your bat.

3 Stripes- This is the finest Grade 1 English willow that money can buy. Each cleft will have between 6 and 20 straight grains and only minor blemishes outside of the main playing area. The weight, balance and density will be conducive to providing a bat that picks up lighter than it looks.

To give a visual of the descriptions below- There are pictures that correspond with each Profile type, Edge type, and Spine type.

Profile Type: 

Profile 1- The Profile is the shape between the edge and the spine of the bat. P1 is a very traditional profile with no scooping at all.

Profile 2- The Profile is the shape between the edge and the spine of the bat. P2 is a minimal amount of scooping.

Profile 3- The Profile is the shape between the edge and the spine of the bat. P3 is a modern looking profile with a moderate amount of scooping.

Profile 4- The Profile is the shape between the edge and the spine of the bat. P4 is a extreme profile, this will stand out in the dressing room.

Edge Type:

E1- High swell profile.

E2Classic handmade edge profile.

E3Modern massive Edge, Low profile with reduced shoulders and toe.

E4Big edge with High swell profile with reduced shoulders and toe.

E5Traditional small parallel edge.

E6- Big edge with Low swell profile.

Spine Type:

S1- Extended spine profile giving a Mid/High swell position.

S2- Traditional spine with a Mid to Low swell position.

S3- Modern Spine profile with Low swell position.

S4- Spine profile with a High Swell position.

S5Traditional spine with a Mid to High swell position.

S6- Spine profile with extreme Low swell position.