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SG Cricket Bats


Sanspareils Greenlands, or simply SG, is a sports equipment manufacturer who is focused in creating cricket equipment and gears. French word “Sanspareils” means “without parallel”, a motto that embodies the company and its goals.

When SG was established in 1931, it was simply the manufacturer creating goods for various companies. It was considered to be the “one-stop-shop” for many international brands who, then, market the equipment under their own name. This worked well for many years, especially because the company created quality gears and equipment no matter what brand they are supplying these goods.

Then, in 1982, the company decided to create and sell its own line of products, calling it “SG”, the company’s own name and brand name. The company began selling its product lines in India, changing the Indian cricket scene. For the first time ever, the country’s cricket teams are able to use world-class equipment. Because of its high standards in producing quality cricket gears, SG became the market leader in the country in just a short span of time.

Today, SG continues to produce a wide range of quality bats and equipment to cater to the needs of different players and playing levels in cricket. Popular bats include the SG Strokewell Gold Cricket Bat and SG Maxstar Cricket Bat.