CA 15000 Players Cricket Bat

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If you are well experienced with cricket bats and no your really good willow from your average willow then there is only one bat that you want to get your hands on this season. This is the CA 15000 Players Cricket Bat. CA must have some sort of willow tree whisperer that makes the most pristine willow trees grow for them. They are untouchable in terms of the impeccable willow that they consistently churn out from their factory and this bat is made from the best of the best.

There is at least 10 straight grains on every one of these bats, so if you are a grains or a straight grains type of batsman you will have something to shout about with this bat. As with CA cricket bats there is a slight concave and the power is in the very center of the bat. The quality of the willow is such that there is an extended sweet spot that gives power to virtually every part of the bat.

The edges on the CA 15000 Players Edition Cricket Bats are no less than 41mm, that is gigantic by any standard and considering how high the quality of the willow is, it really is a complete package bat.

The pick up and weight distribution on sub-continental bats has always been deemed to be slightly inferior to the English and Aussie made bats. They were deemed to be slightly toe heavy and such but that is completely not the case with the CA 15000 Players Edition Cricket Bat. The weight distribution is very even for a very light pick up across all the bat's weight ranges. It is easy to see why players as good as Dilshan, Kieron Pollard and Nasir Jamshed are finding good reason to use the CA cricket bats.

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