What to look for when buying a first cricket bat?

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If you are trying cricket for the first time and need to buy a new cricket bat, whether in the USA or elsewhere in the world, here is a short-list to make sure you buy the correct cricket bat.

1. What ball will you be using?

If you are using a real leather cricket ball then you will need a particular type of cricket bat. If you will be playing with a tape ball, heavy tennis ball or tennis ball then your needs will be different. If you intend on playing beach cricket, then you would look at another range.

2. Your size and strength

You will analyze your size and strength to work out what size cricket bat is the right cricket bat for you. You will also have to assess your strength to ensure that you don't purchase a cricket bat that is too heavy for you.

3. Your Budget

As a first time cricket bat buyer, you will not have a preference in the bow or the scalloping or the edges. You will want something effective and durable. As you progress through your cricket career, casual or even professional, you will develop specific things you like in a cricket bat. You will have a sweet spot preference and a grain count number in your head. As a first time buyer you will not have what to compare to and you will assess what your budget can afford. As with any other products, when it comes to cricket bats, what you pay for is generally what you get from a reputable buyer. There are fantastic sales and bargains at stores like Cricket Store Online but a 150 dollar bat is never going to be as good as a 400 dollar cricket bat.

4. A reputable seller

Find a reputable seller when buying your first cricket bat. Cricket bat buying on ebay is risky. A company like Cricket Store Online will offer advice and can speak to you personally to find out exactly what you need and want. Look at online reviews and blogs from the company you buy from. Finding and honest and credible cricket bat seller is as important as finding the right bat. Check the company's social media accounts to see what other customers say. Of course, welcome to cricket.

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