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Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat

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Perhaps the most striking cricket bat to come out from Kookaburra in 2016 is the Kookaburra Ghost. The Ghost is a bat with massive edges. The edges on the Kookaburra Ghost are a minimum of 40mm and can go up to 44mm. The edges are square, this is the preferred edge shape for top cricketers like MS Dhoni and AB De Villiers who uses a Kookaburra. Despite the massive edge sizes the weight on the Kookaburra Ghost cricket bat is still very light. It weighs in between 2.9 and 2.12 pounds, this is a very light weight range for the amount of willow in this bat. The weight on the cricket bat is also beautifully distributed to create a very even feel when taking guard and striking the ball.

Kookaburra Ghost cricket bat profile pic

The Kookaburra Ghost bat is made with Grade 3 English Willow. At this point the Grade 3 is the only offering for the Kookaburra Ghost. It is a senior size bat. The Kookaburra Ghost has a mid sweet spot, this would be the favored sweet spot location for players all over the world. The Flat Power Plus Face gives supreme power to absolutely every part of the bat, there is virtually no dead zones on the bat including the shoulders and the toe.

Kookaburra have given the Ghost an oval handle. The oval handle is preferred by the majority of cricketers and provides added control and comfort to the batsman. The handle is covered with Kookaburra's Max grip. The Max grip is known for giving extreme control to the batsman, this compliments the oval handle and can be replaced inexpensively.

There is no doubt that the Kookaburra Ghost cricket bat is built for the player that is looking to smash windshields in the car park. Everything about the bat is built for the power hitter, including the minimal scalloping. It is not as traditional as some of the bats that Kookaburra has produced but it has that limited overs allure to it.

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