Kookaburra PRO 1200 Cricket Shoes

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What is there not to like about the new Kookaburra PRO 1200 Cricket Shoes. As the big companies jockey for a bigger chunk of the cricket equipment market the quality of the cricket equipment has definitely spiked to great levels in recent times. Add to this the fact that new players have entered the market with outstanding equipment and the result is that the quality of the cricket equipment available to consumers is just getting better and better.

One of the areas that has seen the most improvement has been the cricket shoes. New Balance has a fantastic range of cricket shoes as they always have, Gray Nicolls and adidas have also come out and reinvigorated their stocks with superb ranges of shoes and now Kookaburra has released range of cricket shoes that is sure to excite.\

It is the Kookaburra PRO 1200 Cricket Shoe. The qualities of this cricket shoe are many but what is clear as that these are a highly durable high performance cricket shoe. Unlike many other shoes that have been spiked, these shoes are engineered and designed with cricket players in mind. The actual shoe is lightweight in the extreme which means that along with the other equipment the cricketer does not have to feel like he is carrying a weighty cricket shoe. They also have a unique thermo flex which means that the shoe is breathable and flexible without compromising on the durability.

The Kookaburra PRO 1200 come with the Dual Option to be either a full or half spike with eight rubber cleats included with every pair.

Aesthetically these cricket shoes are also an ace. The Neon Yellow and Sky Blue are definitely striking without being overwhelming. The distinctive Kookaburra also gives the shoe a very modern uptick. There has been no stone unturned to ensure that cricketers feel stylish and comfortable when they wear the Kookaburra PRO 1200 Cricket Shoes.


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