​What is GM F-Tech?

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GM lets cricketers better choose their cricket bats by understanding exactly how all the components of the cricket bat effect the bats performance.

A plethora of research as well as input from GM's scientific partners have created F-Tech technology in the Gunn & Moore range of cricket bats. The F-Tech technology has allowed for different face types on the cricket bat. These face types are superlatively precise. This precision is achieved DXM CAD/CAM manufacturing processes.


The F7 is a highly popular bat. The weight to power ratio is the best of all the bats and the lightweight feel of this bat is loved by most cricketers. If this is what you want, you should buy the new GM Icon.


The F2 is a flat face cricket bat. The flat face means that this range gas the hugest edges. The flatter face has been proven to enhance the shot selection of the batsmen. If this is your choice of bat, you should buy the GM Octane.


The F4.5 is a Big cricket Bat Design, the optimised flatter face has been noted for giving batsmen better control over their shots particularly against the spinners. If the F4.5 is what you seek then you would want to look into the GM Aura, Mogul, Sigma, Six6 and Icon ranges.

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What is the Gunn & Moore DXM Process?

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Willow Grading - The GM Original cricket bat.

Willow Grading - The GM Original cricket bat.Like the Original L.E GM cricket bats, the GM Original cricket bat is produced using superior Grade 1 seasoned and unbleached English Willow.Where the Original range differs from the Original L.E range of cricket bats is that the bat has predominantly straight grained willows but these willows do have [...]

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GM Original L.E cricket bat

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New Kids on the block - Dingbat Sports

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Hell 4 Leather Cricket #H4L

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BLIZZARD BLOWS COBRAS AWAYAiden Blizzard has orchestrated a stunning comeback to breathe life into Hobart Hurricanes Oppo Champions League T20 campaign with a six-wicket win against Cape Cobras in Hyderabad.Blizzard smashed an unbeaten 78 from just 48 deliveries to steer his side to a daunting total of 185 and give the Hobart franchise a first [...]

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