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Gray Nicolls Omega XRD Cricket Helmet

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Gray Nicolls Omega XRD Cricket Helmet

Cricket helmets are an essential part of the game. It is vitally important that cricketers bat with adequate protection and most importantly wear a good quality cricket helmet for head protection. That is why cricketers should strongly consider buying the Gray Nicolls Omega XRD cricket helmet.

About the Gray Nicolls Omega XRD

The Gray Nicolls Omega XRD is a cricket helmet that offers state of the art technology protection.

What is XRD?

XRD is the world’s best absorbing material for minimizing shock and absorbing all of the impact. In simple terms this means that if the Omega XRD helmet is hit flush by the ball, the lining of the helmet will ensure that none of that shock or impact goes to the head of the batsman.

What about the Grille of the Helmet?

The Gray Nicolls Omega XRD has a chrome grille that is non-adjustable and designed specifically to work in tandem with the grille of the helmet. The purpose being to ensure that there is an absolute minimal chance of the ball creeping between the grille of the helmet and the peak.

What else should I know about Cricket Helmets?

It is important to know that if a cricket helmet is hit flush by a cricket ball, the helmet should be replaced by another helmet. The helmet that was hit should be sent back to the supplier or manufacturer to ensure that the structure of the cricket helmet has not been compromised with the blow. This is best practices to ensure the safety of cricket batsmen’s heads.

As more and more sporting codes place an emphasis on safety, it is vitally important to ensure that you take head safety and brain safety in cricket to very seriously. Buying yourself a Gray Nicolls Omega XRD cricket helmet is a great way of showing that.

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