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Masuri elite cricket helmets are top of the line and offer supreme safety and technology.

Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet 2016

Youth & Small mens is the same.
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    Masuri Elite Mens Titanium Cricket Helmet

    Vision Series Elite

    Vision Series Elite is one of the helmets in the latest range from Masuri for the highest performance level of cricket.  

    The Vision Series Elite offers enhanced head protection and comfort, thanks to a strong, lightweight design. Featuring Masuri’s revolutionary Eye-Line Grille, strategically-placed air flow vents and a new reinforced rim (HRS), the Vision Series Elite provides superior vision, cooling and protection.

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    1. Best in class protection ...

      Being an amateur player i have made mistakes in the past with helmets, grill spacing and tightening the screws. Masuri eliminates all of them - fixed spacing, no adjustable screws and double rim to protect your face. When you wear the helmet you don't see the double rim, it actually falls in line with one another so the visibility is the same as a single rim helmet.

      Helmet is a bit heavy and i find that to be a good thing. It helps keep my head in balance when taking my batting stance.

      Buy this helmet and you won't need one for another 2~3 years - unless you keep getting banged in the grill day in .. day out ...
      on 24th Aug 2016

    2. Masuri Vision Helmet

      It is too heavy. I thought with the technology we have they should have made lot lighter. I am not sure it is worth the money. on 1st Oct 2015

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